The 4 Cs of Milwaukee Diamonds

The 4 Cs of Diamonds

Diamonds are for a lifetime…

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Milwaukee diamond cut


Cut affects the beauty and brilliance of a diamond, enabling it to make the best use of light and shine like a well-cut diamond should. A well-cut diamond has correct proportions which allows the light to reflect properly. For example, in a well-cut round brilliant diamond:

  • A 1-carat round diamond should be 6.3 mm – 6.5 mm in diameter
  • A 3/4-carat round diamond should be 5.7 mm – 5.9 mm in diameter

When the proportions are correct, the light bounces back from the bottom of the stone, producing dramatic fire and brilliance. When the proportions are deeper than wide, or wider than deep, a poorly-cut stone will not properly reflect light. Carat weight will not make up for a poorly cut diamond.


Diamonds are graded in a color range from bright white (“D”) all the way up to a yellowish brown (“Z”). The best way to see the difference in color is to compare loose diamonds side by side. Since it is difficult to fully see one color grade to the next with the human eye, we encourage you to stop in and let us show you the differences. We have a slogan here at Tobin Jewelers, “If you can’t see the difference, don’t spend the extra money.”


Milwaukee Diamond ClarityClarity refers to the tiny markings (flaws) inside the diamond, known as “inclusion.” Some inclusion will appear as dark specks and some may appear as clear markings such as bubbles. These inclusions block the light from entering the diamond allowing no light to reflect back from the bottom causing it to lose much of it’s sparkle.

The diagram to the right shows stones ranging from ‘Flawless’ on the left to ‘Included 3’ on the far right. As the inclusions increase, the sparkle decreases and so does the price. The Tobins will show you how to examine the diamond, allowing you to see the differences and make you feel confident about your purchase.

Carat Weight

A one-carat diamond is divided into 100 points. So, a 50-point diamond would weigh a half carat and a 25-point diamond weighs in at a 1/4 carat. Although size is an important factor in determining the value of a diamond, bigger is not always better. Cut, Color, and Clarity are equally, if not more, important. Come to Tobin Jewelers and you will see the difference in our diamonds!

Milwaukee diamond bonusConfidence

The bonus “C” you get at Tobin Jewelers is the confidence that you have purchased the most brilliant diamond within your budget. It’s a lifetime gift that will be passed down and remembered forever.

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