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A Diamond Education

Milwaukee diamond education

Tobin Jewelers diamonds are hand-selected in Antwerp and Russia.

Every year the Tobin family travels around the world to personally hand-select the most brilliant and well cut diamonds for you to examine in the showroom. The diamonds come in small parcels and are carefully examined by the Tobin Family. This is very different from Internet websites, mall jewelers, chain stores, and large independent jewelers who receive large, unseen parcels that are sold regardless of the quality of the diamonds. All of our Antwerp and Russian “Tsarina” diamonds come with Laser engraving to assure that your diamond is unique – and Tobin Jewelers doesn’t charge extra for that service to our customers.

Most Internet websites, mall jewelers, and large independents who receive these large parcels will not provide you with a certified diamond report, or an appraisal – unless you want to pay more. Don’t be fooled!

Examine a diamond from underneath.

The best way to peer into a diamond is by turning the diamond over to look at it from underneath. This is the easiest way to see the natural inclusions and the color of the diamond.

Examine a diamond loose, not set.

All of our diamonds are shown loose so our customers can examine them and SEE the differences between the diamonds – including the cost. We have a family slogan about buying diamonds. “If you can’t see the difference, don’t spend the extra money.”

Compare several diamonds.

Why would you purchase a once-in-a-lifetime diamond, and not compare it side by side to other excellent, well cut diamonds to see for yourself that you have the most brilliant diamond for your budget? No one wants to settle for a leftover.

All 4 Cs are important.

At Tobin Jewelers, we stress the importance of ALL 4 Cs (clarity, color, cut, carat weight), even though many jewelers only focus on cut. The other 3 categories will also effect the brilliance and cost of your diamond.

Want to learn more? Stop in at Tobin Jewelers for a diamond education or click here to learn how you can travel with us to Antwerp, Belgium to experience the diamond cutting process firsthand!