1Do you have financing available?
Of course. We will make sure that you are able to get down on one knee right away. We even pay the interest for the first 90 days!
2Can I put the piece of jewelry on layaway?
We have a GREAT layaway program! Your layaway can last for up to 12 months. Our layaway program features no interest and no holding charges as long as you put 10% down and make a monthly payment.
3Can I upgrade my diamond?
Yes. You can upgrade at any time you wish. Stop in and let the Tobins help you surprise her with a new Tobin Diamond!
4Do you buy old gold?
Although we don’t promote buying gold (like a pawn shop), we do offer that service to our customers. Some of our customers trade their gold for a check, but many of them take advantage of our “Good Customer Offer.” If they apply the value of their old gold to a piece of jewelry in the store, they receive an additional 20% off.
5Do you do your jewelry work in your store?
Yes. For the last 3 generations, the Tobin Family has been creating new and repairing old jewelry – along with exquisite excellence.

More questions?