Three generations
of jewelry craftsmen.

Over three generations, we have learned that each family’s jewelry collection highlights what is extraordinary and meaningful about the people who are wearing it. We help customers create brilliant combinations of style and personality by doing three things expertly: carefully selecting an outstanding inventory, educating our customers about how to make the best jewelry choices, and providing a lifetime of outstanding care for the jewelry after it has become part of our customers’ collections.

Buy with confidence

We work relentlessly to seek out the best sources for diamonds, precious gems, and other stones, as well as stunning settings. Whether you are deciding between stones, settings, or styles, we plan our inventory so that clients can make as many examinations and comparisons as they need to be fully confident in their purchase. Whichever options you are considering in our showroom, we want you to know that any choice will give you the finest quality craftsmanship.

Guaranteed for life

We make sure our customers have us as a continual resource after their purchases. Our experts are available to clean, repair, appraise, and renew jewelry as it stays with you. We want our pieces to remain a stunning reflection of your family over years and generations to come.