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Milwaukee jewelry services

The Tobin Standard

While many jewelry stores outsource their jewelry repairs, at Tobin Jewelers we provide in-house services. By doing so, we ensure that the expectations of our customers are attended to with care, while adhering to our strict standards and proven practices.

We are skilled in traditional and modern jewelry repair techniques. Stone setting, ring sizing, prong repairs and chain solders – no job is too big or too small. While we are able to perform many repairs in a timely fashion, there is one thing we will never sacrifice – quality craftsmanship. Each job is taken in and repaired with care and consideration. We understand that your jewelry is not just an item, but the embodiment of cherished memories. We care for your memories as if they were our own.

Diamond and Stone Setting

Whenever you shop for fine jewelry – whether it is a diamond engagement ring, earrings, a tennis bracelet or a solitaire pendant – the right setting is a crucial part of creating the perfect end result. Different settings can look quite similar yet have key differences that buyers might not notice. We are here to help you find the right setting for your stone and achieve exactly the result you wanted.

Jewelry Inspections

Whether the pieces in your jewelry collection are worn every day or just occasionally, it is important that all of your fine jewelry receives regular inspection to ensure settings are securely holding the valuable stones. It can be heartbreaking to discover that a valuable gemstone or diamond is suddenly missing from your favorite piece of jewelry. Heirloom items are particularly vulnerable. Inspecting jewelry and remounting stones is an important aspect of our business, and a valuable service we offer customers. Did we mention it is complimentary?


Milwaukee jewelry repair

Remounting is an affordable way to renew the look of a dated piece or add more sentimentality to something that you already treasure. Perhaps you are interested in a new stone in your original mounting, or placing an existing stone in a new setting. In New Berlin and Mequon, custom jewelry doesn’t always have to be brand new – sometimes it’s an existing piece in your collection that suddenly becomes your new favorite.

Ring Sizing

As expert jewelers, we are delighted when customers bring in their poorly fitting rings to get correctly sized. After resizing, gorgeous rings start getting shown off when it was unsafe or uncomfortable to wear them previously. Resizing is the most common repair we see, and we love to see our customers get lasting value from their jewelry collection because they came in. Stop in and let Tobin Jewelers put your beautiful ring back on your finger!


Soldering done to excellent standards will reinforce the structure of jewelry while also preserving the overall look of the piece. Our experienced experts at Tobin Jewelers dedicate their efforts to being the best at the craft. Whether you have a break in your necklace, a worn out clasp on your bracelet, or a crack in your ring, Tobin Jewelers will repair your pieces expertly and return your jewelry in a timely manner.


A jewelry appraisal is a very important document for your valuable pieces of jewelry. At times it is your only protection when your items are lost, stolen, or damaged. An appraisal ensures that your items are thoroughly evaluated, described, and valued so that in case of a loss you will receive proper compensation. With the price of gold increasing dramatically, this is a good time to have your jewelry re-appraised as well.

Pearl Restringing

Pearls are a rare and beautiful gift of nature – a gift whose beauty can be renewed and added to as the years pass. Let Tobin Jewelers help you add, match, or re-string your pearl necklaces or bracelets. As you wear and enjoy your pearls, be sure to give them the care they deserve. We offer help in keeping your treasured pieces looking fresh and lustrous over time. When you visit our showroom for a purchase or repair, ask about our Add-a-Pearl Necklace and exclusive Chocolate Pearls!