guaranteed for life.

At Tobin Jewelers, we have refined a unique method of assembling the highest-quality inventory of diamonds. No matter what diamonds our customers decide on, they walk away with the level of quality an expert would choose. How can we promise that? Simple – we select everything personally using generations of experience, and we only select stones that we would wear ourselves.

Unsurpassed Quality

Our family travels across the globe to Antwerp, Belgium, personally hand-selecting the most brilliant diamonds from the world’s finest diamond cutters. From these trips come hundreds of diamonds that are carried back to the showrooms.

Even though we purchase many diamonds each year, the majority of the stones we examine are given back to the cutters before they reach the showroom because they do not meet the standards for Tobin Jewelers. We are always ready for customers to give our inventory the highest level of scrutiny, so we send back any stone that would not pass the test if we were buying it for ourselves.

Price is key

You might expect that our rigorous standards and extra time spent with customers would lead to higher prices, but our business model has actually left out one expensive step: the middleman.

Because we are hand-selecting the inventory and taking our first-hand observations and knowledge back to the showroom, we eliminate the wasted time and money that comes from delegating these crucial tasks to other people. Additionally, we find our clients tend to come back to us to learn more as they expand and maintain their jewelry collections.

Experience is everything, both ours and yours.

Over 60 years and three generations later, our experience has proven the value of offering our customers the finest in diamond selection and education. The value is demonstrated most vividly when we see customers beaming after their purchases, knowing they had the information and options they needed to make the very best choice. We know that they, too, had a great experience. When you visit Tobin Jewelers, we want you to have that experience. We encourage you to inspect our diamonds under different lighting conditions using magnification, and to compare multiple loose diamonds side by side so you can see the differences for yourself. We invite you to visit us in New Berlin or Mequon to receive a diamond education that will help you determine the right stone for you and your budget.