Tobin Jewelers | Tips to Keep Your Jewelry in Great Shape


Tips to Keep Your Jewelry in Great Shape


Cleaning and maintaining your fine jewelry is essential to keep each piece looking its best and functioning properly.

Jewelry Checkups
Routine checking and cleaning of your everyday jewelry will prolong the life of your piece. We recommend our customers to stop in every 6 months to have their pieces checked and cleaned!

Diamond Durability
Although diamonds are one of the hardest stones on earth, they still have the ability to chip. We recommend taking off all fine jewelry when doing extensive work. Additionally, sleeping with your jewelry on is the number one cause of prongs wearing down and losing stones – so be sure to take it off before you sleep!

We want to help ensure your fine jewelry pieces last for years! Visit Tobin Jewelers in Mequon or New Berlin today to learn more about proper care or to have your pieces cleaned!